Health Services


Health and Wellness

At UNNO Medical Centers, we promote overall well-being by introducing activities for our members to feel like family. We provide a safe space for our members to feel like they have somewhere they can learn and interact with other members of the community thus improving cognitive, physical, and emotional wellness. Helping you stay connected with friends is part of our goal to provide you with the best services. Our wellness space can be used for social gatherings, birthday party celebrations, club meetings, support groups, and other activities to improve healthy social interactions. 

Activities: Bingo, Dominos, Arts and Crafts, Dancing, Social Gatherings, Celebrations among friends, wellness education (fall prevention), mind games, Sudoku, and Mindful meditation. 

Here are a few benefits of health and wellness programs in senior living communities.

  • Improves quality of life

  • Prevents social isolation

  • Boosts cognitive function

  • Encourages independence

  • Promotes emotional health

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