Professionals in the Health Industry

UNNO medical center’s team is led by professionals focused on providing the patient with excellence and quality along with the services we offer. We work with doctors with different medical expertise to ensure dedicated and individualized care to our patients in our medical centers

At UNNO medical centers we are proud of the experience of our team and we are here to help our patients with their needs.

Meet UNNO Medical Centers’ leadership team which is tirelessly dedicated to the pursuit of a healthier population.

Meet Our Team

Felipe  A Del Valle M.D., F.A.C.P

Internal and Geriatric Medicine

Rogelio A. Zaldivar M.D

Internal and Geriatric Medicine

Anel Chirino Dorta

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Deeva Frankel, DPM, D.ABFAS 

Independent Podiatric Surgeon

Franz Rakusa

Healthcare Executive

Gabriel Pérez

Healthcare Executive

Natali Camacho

Director of Operations

Elias Dager

Office Manager – Miami Lakes Medical Center

Anaily Millo 

Medical Assistant

Jessica Hayek

Patient Navigator

Leslie Castellanos Ulloa


María Francy Pérez


Maricela Mendez

Medical Assistant

Martha Sainz


Patricia Cue 


Tatiana Marrero 


Yasbels Diaz

Medical Assistant

Yunisleydis Moya

Medical Assistant

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